My Story

I've been active with my music career and releasing songs since early 2020. Since then, I've released multiple albums with thousands of streams, have been on radio, countless music blogs, done interviews, worked with professional studios, collaborated with other ascending artists and have been performing consistently around Vancouver, Canada.

Above all that, I get to do what I love and I do my best to make music that people can relate to - especially those who are feeling confined, trapped in their day to day lives and uninspired to make changes that will improve their outlook on life. My goal in mind when I make music is first to empower others, and second to make them feel like they aren't alone.

My music is inspired by many different genres including but not limited to: 90s/alternative/modern day hip-hop, classic rock, punk rock, country, the list goes on. My focus is on feeling vs. classification when I write my songs and that's what keeps it real. From Biggie to Mac Miller to the Tragically Hip, I've grown up listening to a wide array of artists who have influenced my musical mind.

Currently, you can find me working on my 4th album rollout with my latest release, LOST, out now.

Thank you for embracing this journey with me. Follow @yoitspats for all the latest 🤙🏼